Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Patching Works - 5 month progress report

On Monday, my daughter went to our Ophthalmologist for her 5 month follow up visit. We are very lucky to have a superb eye doctor that both my daughter and I adore. She looks forward to her visits and is actually excited to go there. In fact, she tells me that going to the eye doctor is fun!

Each time she asks me "when will the doctor tell me that he can't tell the which eye is my 'problem-seein' eye?" This is a reference to the Apple Patty Patches book. For a 4 year old, she is quite wise and understands more than I could ever imagine about her eye condition. It pains me when she asks these questions a bit, because I simply don't know the answer. When she asked me - I just responded saying "I don't know, let's go to your appointment and we'll see what happens.".

I know that one of these visits, we'll get there.

Well, we didn't get there this time but that's OK.

Because we did make improvement.

I get nervous when she is reading the eyechart because I can tell she is struggling. She told the doctor and the technician that "the letters are so tiny, they are mouse size". She visibly turned her head to get a better view using just her better eye.

Have I mentioned that I love her doctor?

He didn't give up and just take Belle telling that the letters were too "mouse-sized". He asked her to pretend she was a mouse and see if she could see the letters then.

Guess what?

She did.

Her vision is improving and each visit she is able to complete more of the eyechart than she did the last time.

Patching works!

We go back in 3 months - which will make 8 months of patching. The doctor says that at that point if she continues to improve we will discuss starting to scale back a bit on the patching and re-check in a month to see if there has been any regression.

Belle is doing great! My little minnie mouse is doing it - she is beating Amblyopia!


  1. Kelly from New Tripoli, PAAugust 19, 2009 at 8:45 PM

    yay! This is great news to hear. We just started patching in the middle of July for 2 hours a day. My daughter is 17 months old now. I feel so guilty because I completely forgot the other day and today I only got 45 min of patching in. I must set an alarm to remind me to patch her eye. IN the beginning she fought us on it, but now she doesn't seem to mind as much. She wears glasses too.
    Good luck to your daughter

  2. Hooray!! Patching does work!! We go back for our 5 month on Sept 2nd. Em has gone from 20/200 to 20/60 I know that we can beat this!! Also because of Em's diagnosis My cousin caught strabismus in her 6 month old!! Life is funny that way. Keep patching! Patch Strong!! GREAT JOB BELLE :)

  3. I just found your site. Yes, patching works! We're almost three years beyond the last time my daughter had to patch, and she's doing great! We were fortunate to catch it at age 6 months.

    Best of luck to you and yours.

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  5. I just found your site. My son is 5 and a half and three weeks ago we started patching. I was wondering about your daughther, does the prescription in her glasses change too?

  6. Hi, Just wondering, how many people patch with or without glasses and how many people have improved to a point to not needing glasses at all? When they say vision improved, is it with or without glasses? Thank you!