Tuesday, August 25, 2009

PediaVision: Vision Screening for children with Autism

I got a google alert today for an article about Amblyopia and Autism, always a topic of interest to me because my son has Autism and my daughter has Amblyopia. However, there is actually a significant incidence of Amblyopia among the Autistic population. Since my daughter has gotten diagnosed I have learned that a few of my son's peers also deal with Amblyopia issues as well as Autism Spectrum disorder. Since my son wears glasses and is myopic he already sees an eye doctor who I of course grilled about the possibility that he could also have Amblyopia since there is a genetic component. In my son's case, his doctor is quite confident (and I trust him) that my son does not have Amblyopia. This leads me to the topic of this blog entry which has to do with vision screening of Autistic children. It is enough to test a child's vision but coupled with Autism spectrum disorder - vision screening presents more challenges - communication and sensory issues definitely play a big part in how successful a vision screening goes.

The PediaVision Assessment Solution can be used to quickly and accurately screen children's vision from 3 feet away makes it very autism-friendly!

PediaVision Sheds New Light on Vision Screening for Autistic Children

The only binocular vision screening device that produces highly accurate, immediate results, the PediaVision Assessment Solution (PAS) is effective for screening children of any age, especially pre-verbal children. The software produces written results and a recommendation as to whether or not a subject should be referred to an eye care specialist. Conducted from three feet away, the screening is as simple and non-invasive as taking a picture of the child.

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