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45 Lazy Eye Exercises: Looking for things to do while patching? Start here.

I recently shared that I'd learned about a new book about Amblyopia - Tammie Taylor's 45 Lazy Eye Exercises: Eye Patch Exercises To Improve Vision for Those Who Suffer From Amblyopia. At the time, I hadn't read it yet but it looked so hopeful and promising to me, I really wanted to read it.

I'm always seeking out beneficial activities that I can do to help pass the seemingly very long hours while my daughter has to wear her eye patch. Her eye doctor has told me to be sure to focus on activities that really "work" her eyes - where she needs to focus and actively look. While watching TV is sometimes recommended, my child isn't sedentary. She may be watching her favorite Hannah Montana television program but she is almost always playing with any of her hundred other toys while the TV is on in the background. Things that I like her to do while patching include: coloring pages, crafts, puzzles, looking at books, and now playing with her new Nintendo DS. Especially since my daughter will now be patching outside of pre-k, I need all the help that I can get and am always looking for other suggested activities.

Well, low and behold - guess what I got to read. And now, I will rave about it.

The book, 45 Lazy Eye Exercises, was written by a mother of a child with Amblyopia - like myself. The author, Tammie Taylor, has taken her years of experience and put together a compilation of 45 activties/exercise (in 70 pages) of beneficial near-sighted activities for children who are patching and need to work on strengthening their "lazy eye". She speaks from experience and includes a wide range of ideas for things to do that are both fun for kids and also helpful.

I read through the book in a single sitting - its definitely easy to read and written in plain everyday language. As I read it I definitely found some activities that we already are doing, and many new ideas. The actitivies suggested in the book are aimed at a pre-k/early elementary school age child and most can be adapted based on your childs interest and ability. For example, some definitely require reading skills - but most do not. I can see myself turning to this book as a resource and "idea" book for rainy days and to help fill the days where my daughter is struggling and giving me a hardtime as the hours on the clock run out for her patch time.

Kudos to Tammie Taylor for putting together such a helpful book for kids with Amblyopia (Lazy Eye).

Who should read this:

  • I suggest it especially to parents who are just starting out with patching, as well as parents like me -- who may have been patching now for several months but feeling like they've hit a wall on things to do.
  • I also think that any teachers who may have children in their class with Amblyopia could benefit from reading this. I've had conversations with my daughter's teacher (this year and last) about what types of learning activities are particularly beneficial for Belle, and this book has so many good ideas.
  • Eye doctors who treat children with Amblyopia. My ophthalmologist gave me a few suggestions about what to do during patching, but most of what I've learned is from info and research that I've taken on by myself. I'd love to share a copy of this with our eye doctor - I'm sure he would approve of it. Also, the book closes with a log sheet that you can reproduce and use to track progress, log hours, and make comments on - with the suggestion to use this sheet as a talking point during eye doctor visits. Yes!
I absolutely recommend parents of children with Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) add this book to their "library" of tools!

Check out the preview available in Google books

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  1. Hi I have a son who is two and he just got a lazy eye. I have no idea what to do yet he was diagnosed in January but wont be seen until April and I don't like doing nothing. Is there anything I could be doing right now? Some exercises while I wait? Thank you so much :)