Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Amblyopia and Preschool

Today was Belle's first day of Preschool. This year, she will be attending a new school. So, it is like starting over again with informing her teacher and the powers-that-be about her Amblyopia and how it will affect things.

Last year, we were lucky to be a part of a district-based lottery preschool. It was in this school that she had her vision screened, and failed. We then received the Amblyopia diagnosis at the eye doctor and began patching her eye "full time". I don't think I will ever forget that first day where she had to patch at school, and how she wanted to hide - she was devastated. Patching at school was very difficult, and my daughter fell alot. But, the teachers and school principal were cooperative and understanding and we put a health plan in place with goals for her. We ended the school year on a positive note.

This year, we switched schools for a variety of reasons and she will be attending a private preschool. She's attending a 4 hour program, 3 days a week and will have 2 days at home with me. I'm looking forward to her being there for more than 2 hours and not having to run around every day to get her too and from school in between getting my son on and off his school bus. It is a win-win situation for us both and I like the program and facilities.

Since she'll be done by 1pm and is now patching just 4 hours a day - I made the decision that she will not be patching at school and she will patch in the afternoon on my time.

I did explain and write out information to her teacher explaining her Amblyopia and how it may effect her. Her safety was at the top of my list, since there are stairs in the school and I know her depth perception is not all that great. The teacher read and understands my concerns and we are going to keep the communication lines open in case anything else pops up.

Belle had a great first day of school and we are looking forward to a successful year of Pre-K!

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