Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amblyopia & our Disney Trip

We just returned from our 8 days in Disney World, what an awesome family vacation. Thank you to AS Novus, for sharing her daughter Bea's "adventures" in amblyopia while I was away. PLGC&T to you and your patching beauty!

My friends here will recall that before we took the trip, I was fretting a bit about how to handle patching at Disney and how my daughter would be able to enjoy her vacation in the 90 degree heat, dark rides, and also the photos, comments, etc. I debated a strict schedule of daily patching vs taking a week off. I decided and knew that we really cannot take that time off from patching and that my daughter needs to patch in order for her vision to get better. Still, I accepted this was vacation and that there would be some give and take, and off we went.

I started out writing a blog post recap about the trip but it got far too lengthy - so I decided to break it into a series of posts.

I hope that those who are traveling with Amblyopia Kids find this helpful, and will also share their travel adventures and tips.

Patching & Travel
Making mealtime patchtime
Disney accomodations for vision issues & amblyopia
Amblyopia & the Fear of losing her glasses
Patching & The characters
Sunglasses are a must have
3D Disney Attractions

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