Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Nintendo DS can be helpful for Amblyopia

They say that the best times to patch are when doing "visually stimulating" activities like doing a puzzle, watching TV, playing video or computer games. I like to encourage my daughter to do arts and crafts, coloring sheets, or play with any of her gazillion toys that have a million tiny pieces that require her to really look and work those eyes.

Now, we can add playing with her very own Nintendo DS to her repertoire of patching activities.

My daughter has pined for a Nintendo DS ever since her older brother got his own. Well, as our luck would have it we were able to get her a very gently used one from a friend - and Pink even. Of course she loves it and wants to play it often. I have decided to use the DS as a motivator for getting through daily eye patch time. And, maybe you should to.


The DS lite uses 2 screens plus a stylus so this is really working on her visual discrimination and hand/eye coordination.

Because it is highly motivating to play on the DS - it is helping pass the long hours of patch time quickly. Talk about a win-win situation.

Right now Belle doesn't have a lot of games but the two "games" she plays most are Smart Girls: Playhouse and Interactive Storybook Series 1 both which are age appropriate for a 4 year old and are rated for "early childhood". I did just recently learn about a DS game specifically geared for "Vision Training" called Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day. I'm intrigued by this but I am not sure that the games would hold her interest or not enough to spend $25 for it. But, should I see it used at the GameStop store, I'd really be tempted to grab it. Why not?

For more info:

FYI - The eyepatch Belle is wearing is a Peek-A-Boo patch which can be purchased on eBay.


  1. Hi did you end up getting the game and do you think it's good for young kids? Thanks.

  2. My son has the leapster, do you think the Nintendo is better in order to exercise their eyes? I'm thinking to buy one for him. Thanks