Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Patching for Amblyopia and Travel

Our Patching Journey to Disney

On travel days, we got in the most patch time. I wouldn't have thought to do this but Amomofelly from Little Four Eyes blog had left a comment here a while back and shared at L4E regarding an airport experience that really encouraged me. I also realized this was a perfect chance for her to knock the hours out for those days in the most minimally invasive and productive of ways. She traveled with a patch on, and played her Nintendo DS.

When we were at the parks, I didn't have my daughter wearing her eye patch most of the time. We weren't using a stroller this trip, and I felt that even holding her hand - the crowds and unfamiliar terrain made it too risky for her to be having trip and falls. My daughter has really bad depth perception and even without the patch on we have many trip & falls.

Her safety comes first and vacation is for enjoyment. I made the executive decision to patch as much as possible outside of park and pool time. So, we patched on the Disney busses to and from the parks, and while dining (when not at character meals).

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  1. I think that's a great decision to patch when not doing the super fun stuff on vacation! (aka ultravioletmama)