Friday, October 2, 2009

Adhesive Patch Review - CVS vs Nexcare

I received this email from Mandy, mother of an Amblyopia Kid with her permission to share with the readers here. Mandy has compared two adhesive patches CVS and Nexcare brand. We have tried the Nexcare patches and they are super sticky and irritated my daughter's tender skin. I have never tried the CVS patches but will have to check for them for the times when we do use an adhesive patch.

Post From Mandy:
Thanks for your willingness to hear my reviews. This is, of course, just my own experience with these products, but I hope that I can save some new patchers money on the trial-and-error process we all seem to go through when selecting products at the beginning of an Amblyopia diagnosis.

Our son was diagnosed with Amblyopia at age 3.75, after having trouble completing his preschool vision screening, as he tried to "cheat" by looking under the block-out glasses when he was supposed to be reading with his left eye. We followed up with the eye doctor, who provided the Amblyopia diagnosis, and prescribed daily patching. He gave us the typical pirate-style patch, and told us that unless our son simply could not keep the patch on, we should not bother with adhesive patches, as they can cause so much irritation around the eye. Our son does not wear glasses (at least not yet), so the neat patches that occlude one lens don't work for us.

So we started off with the typical patch, and it worked alright. He was leaving it on pretty well, but at times I would notice that it had moved to the side and he was "cheating" by peeking around it. I read on your blog about how you double-patch with your daughter to provide complete occlusion - NO PEEKING! - and realized that if he was to be getting the most benefit from his daily patching, we had to find a way to be more thorough.

CVS Patch Review
The next day we swung by CVS Pharmacy, and I picked up a box of CVS brand adhesive eye patches. We began using the adhesive patches under his typical patch, to provide complete coverage, no peeking, no light filtering through. I was worried about the potential irritation they may cause after being used day after day, but they were wonderful! They had plenty of stick to stay on, but peeled off with just a bit more resistance than say a Post-It note. No red marks, no irritation, no complaining about pain when it was removed. When he is finished patching, he is able to take them off himself, and we all enjoy that bit of independence they allow.

Nexcare Patch Review
So I thought I had this thing figured out! When we ran out of patches, I picked up a box of NexCare adhesive patches, figuring that they looked exactly the same, so we'd try them out. These were NOT a good fit for us. They are far stickier than the CVS brand, and while they claim to be hypoallergenic, and non-irritating, we had just the opposite experience. They left a big red mark all around his eye, which would fade in a couple of hours. But after a couple days of use, that red mark just stayed there! Even his preschool teachers noticed it, and wondered what it was from. Needless to say, we discontinued those immediately, and went back to the CVS brand.

I just wanted to share our experience, and provide an alternative for people new to patching. Even if you don't have a CVS pharmacy nearby, the website sells the boxes of CVS brand patches at a reasonable price. They are very gentle and easy to use.

Not all patches are created alike!

Thanks for your time and interest! Keep up the great work with the website - it is a wonderful resource for people working to correct Amblyopia.


Thank you, Mandy :) For your kind words and for taking the time to share your son's experience with these adhesive patches. Since my daughter wears glasses we almost always use the glasses style patches and have left adhesive patches in the past. I hadn't even thought much about when children have amblyopia but do not wear glasses so your experience is very valuable. We can absolutely relate to the irritation from some of the adhesive brands. It is nice to know that the CVS patches are a kinder, gentler, eye patch.

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  1. I found a site called and they have great eye patches too. My daughter has severe allergies so I could not see adhesive being a good thing for her.