Saturday, October 3, 2009

Book Suggestion for Kids who hate their glasses

Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses?

When I heard about the new book Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses? by Rhonda Fischer (art by Kim Sponaugle) I knew that I needed to read this book and share about it here at Amblyopia Kids. Before my daughter got glasses, I had a feeling she would be like Randy Kazandy and not want to wear them. I was very lucky, that instead she realized right away how much better things looked when she wore her glasses and she became very attached to them right away.

Still, I know that for many children - it is not so easy. There are lots of Randy Kazandy's in this world. Kids who hate their glasses for whatever reason and who will go to great lengths to not wear them.

This vibrantly illustrated children's book is based on the true story of a little boy, Randy, who required glasses and eye surgery for strabismus (crossed-eyes) at a very young age (17 months old). In the picture book - Randy Kazandy is having a hard time seeing so he needs glasses. But, he doesn't like the way his glasses look and says he looks like an Alien. He goes to great lengths to destroy, break, hide, and lose his glasses but much to his dismay his mother keeps replacing them. Written in rhyming verse, printed with lead free ink, and cheerfully illustrated with bright pictures - Randy Kazandy goes full circle from hating his glasses to celebrating them. Randy's motto is "I love being me!"

My 4 year old daughter, who wears glasses - identified right away with Randy and loves her new book about glasses. As Randy did naughty things like bury his glasses in sand or throw them in the garbage can - she was quick to tell me how he shouldn't do that. Phew! She, most of all, loves the bright colorful illustrations (which by the way are printed with lead-free ink) and has taken delight at finding and pointing out the hidden (and not so hidden) glasses that are on each page. For kids with Amblyopia - searching for the hidden glasses is actually a worthwhile patching activity -- some of them are tough to find! Be sure to visit the Randy Kazandy website for more fun book themed activities (a coloring page, matching games, video and more!). I've bookmarked this site and listed it in my "Fun stuff" category for good things to do while patching.

For parents of kids who do not like wearing their glasses - Randy Kazandy has much to offer. But, be warned - they may also get some pretty naughty ideas about what to do with their glasses and not all of us mothers have 4 extra pairs at a time ($OUCH$). Up until Randy Kazandy most of the books we have read have featured a little girl with glasses (like Princess Peepers, The Patch, Luna and the Big Blur) so its nice there is a glasses story where the main character was a little boy and I'm sure the parents of boys will appreciate all that Randy Kazandy has to offer.

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  1. Mary Tara-
    My son josh was patched at 4.5 yrs. and had his first pair of glasses by 5.So I had my own "Randy" for inspiration while illustrating "Randy Kazandy." I am so glad you mentioned how few "boy" books there are on this topic- our son is now going on 16, but I know he would have really enjoyed "Randy" when he was getting glasses for the first time. Thanks for the nice review.

    Kim Sponaugle -Illustrator