Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Headhuggers: New Framehuggers Eyeglass Retainer for Kids - Photos

I wrote in the past all about eyeglass retainers and keeping glasses on kids heads where they belong. My daughter is real good about wearing her glasses and not just taking them off and leaving them places. My son is a whole 'nother story!

Camille from Framehuggers has been making some eyeglass retainers and Alex has tried them out. This is the latest strap she has designed which is made of a soft fleece so it is comfortable and at the same time it is designed for a safe and snug fit - secured by velcro. My son has autism and a lot of sensory issues and he likes this strap. Plus, the blue camo color is really fashionable - I like that this doesn't look like "a geek strap".

In pictures:

With apologies to Camille at Framehuggers for it taking so long for me to get some pictures up!

Keeping Kids Glasses On - The Dish on Eyeglass Retainers

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