Friday, October 30, 2009

Patching Pal program by Framehuggers helps kids meet patch goals!

We are huge fans of the Framehuggers eye patch here at Amblyopia Kids. My daughter loves her Framehuggers patches and doesn't complain to me about wearing them. They are comfortable, completely occlusive and fashion forward! Isabelle's most favorite Framehuggers patch is a hot pink leopard pattern fleece with a Minnie Mouse applique on it. She is generally very good about wearing her patch and getting in her 4 hours a day (after school) but some days are tougher than others.

Camille at Framehuggers offers a really fun patching compliance program for kids. The Patching Pal program helps kids meet their patching goals. Your child gets a sweet jointed teddy bear in a fleece outfit to match their patch. This is available for boys or girls - as you can see from the photo - Belle's is wearing a hot pink leopard cheerleader style outfit.

Also included is a wipe-off laminated reward chart to track patching hours and a handout with Parent tips.

The Patching Pal program works! My daughter has been coming home from her preschool and ASKING me to patch with her bear. To quote my daughter about her patching pal. "I Love it!"

For more info visit the Framehuggers website at

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