Friday, October 23, 2009

School Picture Day - Glasses on or off?

Today was the school picture day for my daughter's preschool. We don't have school portraits with Belle wearing her glasses since last year's Spring Portraits were done the day before she got her glasses. Instead, her eyes were all dilated from atropine drops that they used for her eye exam (her eyes remained dilated for almost a full week!) Since Belle usually doesn't go to school on Fridays - parents were instructed to bring our children in that day at a specific time and they would take a class portrait and do individual pictures afterwards. Parents were instructed to wait in the school lobby while the kids were getting their pictures taken in the library.

After the pictures were taken, we left to go and pick up her new glasses as I'd received the phone call that they were ready. Belle is a regular Little Miss Chatterbox in the car and on the way she told me about getting her picture taken. "The person taking the pictures said that they like my smile". I'm pleased and hopeful that means I got a "pretty smile" instead of "the wicked look" that she sometimes is known to make (cute but not THAT cute). She then goes on to tell me "I didn't wear my glasses getting my picture taken because they took them off".

I was really caught off guard by this. I mean, why would they just make the executive decision to remove her glasses? I have NEVER taken off her glasses specifically for the sake of a picture. Yes, I have taken off her eye patch for a picture but I don't even do that all that much. I tried to ask her about it but all she could tell me is that they took the glasses off of her. Later, when my husband came home she told him - they took one picture with my glasses on and one picture with my glasses off. So - I am not sure really what happened. I am taking the report of a 4 year old here and I guess I just wait and see when the pictures come in... whether she is wearing them or not. I am thinking that this could be an issue of glare or something along those lines. What do you think?

And I hope, that when the pictures come back from the photographer - that she is wearing her glasses.


  1. I think I would be really upset if Zoe's picture was taken without her glasses. She's worn glasses now for more than half of her life, and I love how she looks in her glasses. It feels like it would be disingenuous to show her without her glasses. They're part of who she is. Honestly, I'd never thought about that possibility, that anyone would try to take her picture without her glasses.

    But maybe the photographer took some pictures with them and some without them because he or she wasn't sure if you would want her wearing them? Or as you said, maybe there's a glare issue with them on. You'll have to update us with how the pictures end up.

  2. I love the portraits we had taken a few weeks after kt got her glasses. BUT, the photographer knew we were there specifically to get pics of the glasses. She pointed out the glare in every picture and said that it really bugged her any time she took a picture to see her lights in the glasses. It probably was just the glare, but I would be mad, too.

  3. First time my daughter had her pictures taken after she got her glasses the photographer did take her glasses of for the picture. I was really upset when I saw these pictures – my daughter’s eyes were crossed because she didn’t have her glasses on. I didn’t buy the pictures. Since then, every time there is a picture day in the preschool I put a note to the photographer saying ‘please keep the glasses on’. So far the glasses stay on. I think it is a glare issue and it’s just easier for them to take the glasses of. Also, there are probably many parents that want their child’s pictures taken without glasses. Anyway I think it’s a safe idea to let the photographer know your preferences.

  4. That would have really frustrated me if they took Charlotte's glasses off without asking. I understand if they weren't sure what YOU wanted - glasses on or off - but either way, they'll only be giving you one picture back. THEY will be choosing which one looks best. I'll be very curious to hear what the pics are like when you get them back.

    Until the kids are old enough to make the decision on their own, I think they should have their picture taken in the manner in which they usually are. If that is WITH glasses, then glasses should be on. But either way, it should be the choice of the family, not the photographer.

    Keep us posted!

  5. I would have been angry. For 3 reasons 1-I'd be concerned it sent the message that my child is not cute in his glasses- and we all know our kids are the cutest! and 2-my son has had glasses since 16 months-he wouldn't look like himself without them, and you want an accurate memory of your child at this point in time, and 3-his eyes would certainly cross without them. My son had his pics taken at daycare in his glasses and they came out great-most kids lenses have antireflective lenses which prevent glare as would taking the pic from a slight angle.

  6. I would be upset if my 3-yo's glasses were taken off for her pre-school photo. I agree with the other commenters that it sends a bad message about glasses in general (which is total BS). Plus, we're so used to seeing her WITH glasses that to see her without gives one pause.

    Besides, these are pre-school photos! Lighten up, photographers.

    PS. We get our pre-school photos back soon. If Sally's glasses aren't on her face, I want a refund!

  7. Even though Juliet hasn't received her glasses yet, I have decided she WILL wear them in all of her pictures...even though it will take a little getting used to. Every time she currently takes a portrait photo, I or the photographer say "Smile pretty" and fix her hair so its out of her face or straighten her shirt, or whatever it is. She KNOWS looking your best in those kinds of photo's is desirable, so what kind of message will it send if I remove her glasses for pictures? Kids pick up on so much and in her sweet little mind she'll be thinking "Oh, mommy wants my glasses OFF for the pictures? They must not make me look pretty enough" and she'll remember that.

    Part of my worries about her getting glasses is the idea of glare in photo's and her eyes getting lost in the glasses, BUT we'll just have to deal with it. One of the wonderful ladies on here mentioned something about different angles and other things with lighting you can do to help reduce the glare.

    I know that I MUST embrace her in her new glasses, so keeping them on at all times, including pictures, is the best way to do that (in my opinion). She's beautiful always! :)

  8. To E is Me-I had many of your same worries-would my son's eyes get "lost" in the glasses-my son has antireflective lenses and we have had no problems taking pics, and it doesn't distort his eyes. If your optician didn't order her glasses with them, I highly recommend it-they can make new lenses if they did not. It also produces sharper vision.
    I worried I'd miss his sweet little face under the lenses, but he is adorable, and now glasses are just a part of him and what makes him so darn cute. Good luck!

  9. My daughter is 7 1/2 and was diagnosed with Amblyopia about 6 months ago and started wearing glasses about 3 months ago. I let her decide whether or not to wear her glasses for school pictures which were taken about 1 month ago. Of course, she decided not to wear them. But, I let it be here decision.

  10. My daughter was diagnosed with Amblyopia nearly three years ago (she is now 8). When we get pictures taken at the mall I have them take some with and some without glasses and we always end up choosing the ones with glasses because that looks like her! For school I give her the option of wearing them or not and she has always chosen to wear them. However, I don't buy the school pictures because they have the hardest time taking pictures of kids with glasses...always a glare. Last year when they sent the photo proof home I noticed that they photo shopped her pupil above the frame of her glasses! Ugg! I don't buy the photos but they are in the yearbook! I think this year I am going to have her just take her glasses of for the sake of the yearbook.