Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amblyopia article in Health Today magazine

An article on Amblyopia was published in Health Today (phillipines) version about a little girl Keirra's diagnosis and "journey" with Amblyopia.

I thank the author, Rowena, for sharing her daughter's story which stresses the importance of getting your young child's vision checked. Her daughter had an earlier condition (esotropia) but it wasn't until she was bitten in the eyelid by a bug that the pediatric ophthalmologist detected the development of Amblyopia. That bug bite just might well have saved precious Keirra's vision!

From Animetric's World blog:
Coping with a lazy eye -- my little girl's story in Health Today Magazine

Full article:

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  1. Thanks! I'm a specialist/teacher for children with visual impairments in the school system. This year as I have traveled from school to school to see the children on my case load I have discovered at least three children in their classes with undiagnosed strabismus due to some form of amblyopia. I have had to make their teachers, guidance counsellors, nurses and principals aware of these things and how essential it is to get our kids' eyes checked very regularly--with specific urgency when the eyes do not seem to be aligned or "in synch" when tracking.