Sunday, November 1, 2009

Amblyopia on Ice

I signed Belle up for a Hockey Clinic here for Special Needs children. Initially I was hoping to sign up both of my children. But my autistic son has announced he is not interested in sports other than Bowling - so I'm not pushing it for him. Belle, on the other hand, really wanted to learn how to ice skate and this seemed like the perfect way. I asked if she would be able to attend the special needs clinic or if I should put her into their "learn to skate" program and was told we could do either but that because of her visual issues the Special Needs program would probably be a good place for her to start with lots of volunteers and helpers and she could go at her own pace.

I was concerned on how she'd do on the ice because she lacks depth perception and even off the ice she falls a lot. I was reassured however, that she'd be in a full protective gear and that there'd be tons of volunteers including an Occupational Therapist on the ice.

First she got suited up in skates, pads, and a helmet with a face cage. Even with the face cage I was nervous about her eyeglasses!

Once she was suited up, they took her for a ride on the ice in a chair. I could hear her giggling from where I was viewing on the upper level. This was a good start!

Then, they had her push the chair and use it for some stability.

Next step, she used a "walker" and was definitely getting the hang of it. She fell down a few times, but got right back up again. I cringed every time I saw her fall but it didn't seem to phase her one bit.

Then.. she was off!

They gave a child of mine a hockey stick and she got to score!

For info about the Brick Challenger Hockey Clinic visit the Brick Hockey Club website.


  1. She looks so cute!!!! Looks like it will be great for her.

  2. How adorable is your little hockey player? In her pink getup, of course!

    I did figure skating for a while after someone first noticed my vision problems (but didn't realize it was amblyopia). She seems like she should do really well! Keep us posted!