Monday, November 9, 2009

Ficklets - Bling those glasses!

Here's a really fun, simple, and inexpensive way for kids to accessorize their glasses and add a little bit of "bling". Wearing glasses just became even more fun!

Meet Ficklets!

Ficklets are "Eyewear charm huggers" that can be added to glasses. You know those "charms" that kids plug into the holes in their crocs? It is sort of like that.... but for eye glasses. The Ficklet charms attach via a patented system that consists of those tiny little rubberbands so they can be easily removed. Ficklets were created by a mom, of course. Not just any mom, Ros - a mom of a special needs glasses wearing girl! ...Ros, you rock!
Ros sent my daughter some ficklets as a gift when she got her new glasses. My daughter's 'old' glasses had built on "bling" with glittery bows on the temples. Her new glasses, while a gorgeous shade of pink are a more 'classic' style. And now, they have Ficklets. We have a pair of the pink glitter stars and also pink glitter hearts. Girly and even Girlier :)

With some of the patches my daughter uses, we don't even have to remove the ficklet. For some patch styles - it is easier to remove the ficklet and either leave it off on that side or put it on after the eye patch is on. In the photo she is wearing an eye patch from Perfect Patch.

How fun is this?
Ficklets come in just about every shape, color, theme - including sports, animals, and even holidays. They can be mixed, matched, doubled up and added to the temple or even the nose piece of glasses. Visit the Ficklets website for more info and to place an order - they are just $6 a pair. ... My daughter is eyeing the ballet slippers ones next.

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