Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Another Head Injury - Amblyopia...ouch!

Ooops, she did it again.

You know, for years I always thought that it was due to my daughter inheriting my "gracefulness" because she fell frequently. But, once she was diagnosed with Amblyopia and I learned more about it - I realize it is all connected. For the most part she does an awesome job with what she is dealing with - seriously poor depth perception. But, when she falls (or runs into walls) it is a doozie.

Today, she fell while playing a tag type of game with her brother. Kersplat, down she went right on the hard kitchen floor. I heard the scream from the next room.

So, she tells me: "I didn't turn quick enough". She was running and instead of turning she ran directly into the oven and then somehow landed on the floor. She hit her forehead, her chin/cheek and her arm (hand).

I hate seeing my kid get hurt all the time. I know kids get hurt, kids fall, accidents happen. It just seems that with Belle she has a big bruise on her head more than she doesn't.

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  1. If it's any comfort, my non-amblyopia twin is the one with all the bruises. Melody tends to be much more conservative with her movements (except when dancing) than Jessica.