Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Study shows school is tough for Amblyopia Kids

I got a google alert for this article that really struck home for me. Kids with Amblyopia and eye patches really do have it rough at school. Dr. Ann Weber completed her PhD with a study about how eye patches impact a child's self esteem and fine motor skills. The findings included negative social acceptance, lower self esteem, incidences of bullying, as well as academic and developmental challenges completing school "tasks".

Study looks at the perception of patching

Eye patch makes school tough

The reality of this makes me quite sad for kids like my daughter who have Amblyopia and need to wear an eye patch. This year we made the decision to patch outside of school hours (my daughter goes to a 4 hour Pre-K program). Last year she patched at school and it was tough. I hope that by the time she goes to school full-day that we will have left our patch days behind us.

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