Wednesday, December 16, 2009

10 Great Gifts & Stocking Stuffers for Kids with Amblyopia or Glasses

Looking for quick and easy stocking stuffers for kids with amblyopia or who wear glasses?

Here are some fun ideas

1. Ficklets - fun and inexpensive glasses charms for kids to accessorize and bling up their eyeglasses. Read about our ficklets experience here

2. New eye patches - wearing the same patches day after day gets old quick. You could try out a new patch, or a new color/style of your favorite. [I highly recommend Framehuggers!]

3. A fun new eyeglass retainer strap like this Croakies Eyeglass Strap/Retainer - a fun new eyeglass retainer in fashionable prints or a Beaded Eyeglass LensGems holder.

4. New Eyeglass case - I got my daughter this Eyeglass Case Purse

5. A doll or bear wearing glasses or patches. My daughter has a Build-A-Bear that wears glasses, and it also wears a patch from Pumpkin Patch Eyeworks. The Patching Pal program from Framehuggers is a really nice gift-worthy bear. Or if your child has an American Girl or other 18" doll, you could buy some eyeglasses for the doll to wear.

6. Eyeglasses Charm Pendant for a necklace or charm bracelet. Sterling Silver or Gold Plated are both under $20!

7. An Eyeglass Stand such as this Disney Mickey Mouse Eyeglass Holder or Eyebods Eyeglass Stand what a fun way to store glasses when not wearing them, this would look adorable on a nightstand.

8. Eyewhere the eyeglass locator - We have this for my son's glasses, he loses them a lot! Read about our experience with this product here.

9. Any of the excellent kids books about wearing glasses or patches. I highly recommend The Eye Patch Kids DVD

10. A fun T-shirt with a slogan like "Cool Kids Wear Glasses" , "I'm a patching princess", etc. You can find these and more at the Bjort & Company store (the makers of The Eye Patch Kids DVD Eye Patch Kids DVD)

I'd love to hear what other fun ideas you have.

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  1. I love the little animals at WeeOnez - click on the animal alphabet, they have a version of each animal wearing glasses, and you can get that on a shirt or a pillow or a bag or even a bear wearing the shirt. I'm thinking of getting Zoe a Z is for Zebra pillow to take to daycare.

    I'm also in love with the t-shirt I bought Zoe a few months ago from Threadless: