Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chipmunks & Chipettes wearing glasses as role models!

My daughter is infatuated with The Chipmunks. She has a little plush Alvin that goes places with her, like the eye doctor.
She loves that movie and so when she started seeing previews for the sequel aka The Squeakquel.. and it included the girl chipmunks and one wore glasses.

You can guess where we went on opening day? Which happened to be the day before Christmas and we had 2 feet of snow on the ground...

I expected her favorite Chipette to be Jeanette, the one with the purple glasses. Jeanette is the "brainy" one who is paired with Simon. She's also a bit clumsy. In the movie, Brittany was "the pretty one" and her sisters Jeanette and Eleanor were cast back quite a bit. I figured because of the glasses connection she would be the one my daughter connected with but she has stated that her favorite is Brittany. Of course of the boys - her favorite is Alvin and she says she likes them "because they are the same size". Kids are funny like that.

Still, I am really liking that The Chipettes are back. I remember these characters from my own childhood and actually admit that I owned a chipmunks Christmas record. I'm showing my age. Jeanette may not be my daughter's favorite but I happen to think she is pretty cool and Simon is more my type than Alvin, anyday!
PS. Happy Meal toys at McDonalds and you can just buy them separate if you don't want to get the kids meals. Also Ty has released a Simon plush beanie baby but so far the only Chipette is Brittany and no sign of Jeanette. Likewise, Build-A-Bear has Alvin (full size) but the small size ones they offer are just Simon, Theodore, and Brittany. Too bad no Jeanette or Eleanor!
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