Sunday, December 20, 2009

Eyeglasses and The Big Snow

Here at the Jersey Shore we got hit with a pretty big blizzard bringing 2 feet of snow in a days time. This is unheard of here, and the most snow we've gotten in the 5 years we've lived here. I understand the last big snowfall of this magnitude was back in 1996.

My kids couldn't wait to go out in the snow and make snowmen and play. Thankfully, their father was a great sport and was put in charge of Snowman building with the kids.

I just want to share this fun picture of my daughter, she was so bundled up - all you can see are her glasses. Her hat kept coming down over her face and she was complaining she couldn't see but I wanted to keep her all warm and covered up. Then when she came inside she was extremely miffed that her glasses got all steamed up. Still, that didn't stop her from going outside first thing in the morning on day 2 of the snow!

As you can see in the picture - her big brother and daddy also wear glasses but my daughter is the only one in the family who is farsighted and has Amblyopia - the rest of us are nearsighted.

More snow pictures and a video are posted here and here.

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