Sunday, December 27, 2009

Luna and the Big Blur - Book Review

Luna and the Big Blur: A Story for Children Who Wear Glasses Revised Edition 
Last year when my daughter started wearing glasses, it was a big giant hurdle for her to leap over. She really didn't want to wear glasses, because she felt that "princesses didn't wear glasses" and that she wouldn't look pretty any longer. This was a tough blow for me because everyone in the family (including myself) wore them. Luckily the reality set in for her once she got them and realized "Wow!" just how much now she could actually see compared to before, she became more compliant with wearing them. However, the glasses coupled with the fact that she was tasked with wearing an eye patch daily for amblyopia - her self esteem took a big hit.

Luna and the Big Blur was just one of a handful of books that I picked up to help her get through the adjustment of wearing glasses. I purchased it in hardcover version though it does also come in paperback, also. The book is authored by Shirley Day with illustrations by Don Morris.

The main character in Luna and the Big Blur has to wear glasses and she hates them. Even though she picked the glasses out all by herself (and they are yellow and red polka dots) she really doesnt' like them, not one bit. She also doesn't like her name, Luna - and thinks she is named after a Tuna Fish. In an attempt to rid herself of the glasses and do without she takes them off but then she ends up doing one mistake after the next (like stir the fishbowl instead of soup). It seems Luna is having quite a bit of an identity complex and she is having a hard time of it.

In the book, Luna has a heart to heart talk with her father who explains that her name Luna is not because she is named for a fish but for the moon. With the reassuring words of her dad, little Luna realizes she is special for who she is and decides that she will wear her glasses. Awww...!!!

The message in Luna and the Big Blur is a good one and I love that this is a father-daughter book, it is positively tender. But absolutely our favorite part of this book is the illustrations. Luna with her oversized glasses that make her eyes even larger than they are - similar to my daughter who has lenses for farsightedness that make her eyes look even larger than they already are. My daughter could relate to Luna not liking her glasses and felt badly when Luna didn't wear them and ended up making a lot of mistakes. The mistakes are overexaggerated to make a point, as surely you wouldn't really mistake the goldfish bowl for a pot of soup.

Overall, I was glad to add this one to our collection of books when my daughter needed to get her glasses. She still asks to read it time and again and it has provided some good discussion between us. The book would be best for kids ages 4-7 who need to wear glasses. When we finish with this book I'll probably give it to my daughter's ophthalmologist to have in his office where it would make a welcome addition.

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