Monday, December 28, 2009

Shaylin's Amblyopia Story

Thanks to Shaylin's mother for sharing her daughter's amblyopia adventure!

My daughter Shaylin is 5 years old as of Dec 22ND. I always had a gut feeling something was not right with her left eye. To me it looked smaller and it was always tearing. But my husband thought I was crazy and I was just a novice paranoid mom (which I really wasn't) :) Anyhow I took my hubby's advice and left it alone. Recently my daughter started VPK and she started talking about school alot and while we were having dinner she was reading the time off the microwave that she could see from the dinner table. So out of curiosity I asked her to cover her left eye and tell me what she saw and she said everything right then I told her to cover her right and she got so frustrated and told me I can't see it. I was totally shocked and immediately I had flash backs of her daycare teacher asking me if there was anything wrong with her eye when she was 1 years old. I was so upset and I made an appointment with the optometrist and they confirmed that something was wrong. They told me she had lazy eye and that I would have to see an Ophthalmologist. We made an appt and he confirmed she had Amblyopia and she would wear glasses for 8 weeks and recheck. Well she did improve some but he wants her to improve much more so on Thursday Dec 24Th when she had her recheck he told her she has to wear patches for 9 hours a day. My daughter is so good she wears it and does not complain one bit except last night she had a total fit because she said it hurts to take it off. But when I took it off she did not even feel it and was laughing. Anyhow we go back to the doc for recheck on Feb 25Th.

With the glasses her vision was 20/20 on the R which was 20/20 anyway and 20/80 on the left which apparently was 20/200. I will keep you guys posted and thanks for inviting me to post Shaylin's ( My Patch Princess) story.


  1. Shaylin's little laugh after her mom peeled off the patch made me chuckle. Way to go Shaylin--you're a trooper! Nice smile too!

  2. Thanks for sharing Shaylin's story! I love her smile and her PINK glasses!

  3. Thank you ladies. She loves her pink glasses we got them from Zenni Optical can't go wrong for 23.95 including shipping :)

  4. Good luck! We just started my little Abby's patch 8 hours a day - she is 20/20 in her right eye, 20/400 in her left. It's been so hard. I wish she took to it as easily as Shaylin!

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