Monday, January 11, 2010

How to Choose an Eye patch for Amblyopia

Choosing an Eye Patch for Amblyopia

In the past, kids with amblyopia didn't have a lot of choice when it came to eye patches. Patches were cumbersome and either looked like big bandages that covered their eyes or like black pirate patches. This didn't make wearing an eye patch a very fun or pleasant thing for a child to have to do. If your child has amblyopia, it is important for them to patch on a daily and consistent basis in hopes of reversing the amblyopia and restoring vision to the weak eye (lazy eye).

Nowadays, there are many eye patches to choose from and styles so you can find what works best for your child. When picking an eye patch first you need to know if your child will be wearing eyeglasses with the patch or if they do not require glasses.

For a child who does not wear glasses
If your child does not require glasses you can use a "traditional" pirate style patch such as this Black Eye Patch (Pirate Style), a readily available style that you can find in most pharmacies for just a few dollars. You can also use adhesive patches that stick directly onto the eye. The Nexcare brand is commonly sold in your local pharmacies and are quite similar to a band-aid that covers the eye. A popular brand of adhesive patches for children available in many colors with a gentler adhesive is the Ortopad brand. If you are having trouble with patches not adhering well and need one with a strong adhesive then look into Fresnel Prism or MYI patches that also come in a variety of colors.

For a child who wears glasses
Children who wear glasses and need to patch can wear one of the adhesive patches under their glasses or get a patch that is specifically made to be worn with glasses. It is especially important when choosing the patch to be sure that the patch is 100% occlusive and does not allow a child to peek around the side, over the top or under the patch. I have tested several different brands of patches including Framehuggers, Patch Pals, Eye Mateys, Dr. Patch, and more. The patch that has worked best for my child, who has amblyopia, is the Framehuggers patch which is not obtrusive, comfortable, and certified peek proof. You can see a picture of my daughter wearing a framehuggers patch here and read our review of the Framehuggers patch. Out of the 20 or so different brands that my daughter tested out, this one is the one that we keep going back to day after day.

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