Sunday, January 31, 2010

Overcoming vision challenges

Let her be proof.

Proof that children with vision issues can do anything with the proper tools, assistance and most of all when they are given the chance.

My daughter is now ice skating and she played (and scored) in an ice hockey game.

Yes, the same little girl who has been known to run into walls, trip or falls almost on a weekly basis. The same little girl who a year ago we learned was not using her left eye at all due to Amblyopia and her brain "shutting off" the use of her eye. All the hours spent wearing an eye patch.. the huge blow to her self esteem and confidence hit. The frustration and difficulties she faces on a daily basis.

.. Yet she continues to prove just how much of a fighter she is. To say she is determined is an understatement. Weeks of going to the freezing cold ice rink and packing on layers of padding and gear that are just as big as she is... Countless falls, followed by getting right back up again. Despite being the littlest child on the team and the only girl. She is unstoppable. Skating has given her confidence back. It has boosted her self esteem beyond ways that words can describe. The smile on her face says it all.

She did it!

On January 31st 2010 the Brick Stars special needs hockey team played their first game. The game was against the Jersey Dare Devils -another very special team. The game was in a word magical. No one kept score. Everybody got a chance to play. Everybody Skated. We all went away from it winners. Way to go Brick Stars!!!

My little star after she scored getting lifted up by Coach Alex DePalma.
Visit Everybody Skates to learn more about the 54 in 54 initiative and petition for ice rinks in NJ to set aside an hour of ice time each week for differently-abled skaters.

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  1. I'm shedding happy tears for your little one. Hurray!