Saturday, February 13, 2010

Strawberry Sweet... Strabismus [Ficklets]

Belle loves her Ficklets. Lately she's been wearing these cute little strawberry charms. (Thanks, Ros!)

I love this picture of her taken at a family birthday party - though I've been bummed lately because I (think - well, I know) I now see her left (amblyopic) eye starting to float a bit - especially in photos I see the Strabismus (misalignment of the eys) moreso.

We go back to the eye doctor next week. After scaling back on her patching (per the doctor's orders) I wonder what this appointment will reveal.


  1. Please introduce your daughter to Randy Kazandy. On the website are free games that actually help strengthen the eyes. Also in the book are hidden glasses throughout the story for the kids to find. Your daughther could have lots of fun. Randy Kazandy's motto is "I LOVE BEING ME." Good Luck!

  2. We have the Randy Kazandy book and wrote about it here on the Amblyopia Kids site as well as I have the site linked over under "Fun Stuff for Kids"

  3. Good luck at Belle's next appointment!

  4. Belle is adorable. Thanks for all the great links. I ordered three different types of patches to give them a try. My 5 yr old son is sensitive to the adhesive patches and we need an alternative.