Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Amblyopia Kids may struggle with trendy 3D toys & games

Since the release of Avatar 3D there's been more in the news about how those who have Amblyopia or other vision issues may not be able to view 3D images as intended.

It seems the push for everything 3D lately has branched from movies - into other media items such as video games and even toys.

For example, my son has the Toy Story Mania! Wii game which is based on the Disney/Pixar attraction of the same name. The wii gameplay consists of carnival style games that are 3D - and require the player to wear the "old school red & blue lens" glasses. Try as she might, my daughter really struggles with this game and usually gives up because she cannot view it properly and therefore she is literally playing it blind. It is a shooting game, so if she hits a target it is pure luck. At least she has a good "excuse" why she is not good at the game... what's my excuse for missing the targets?

The most recent place that I stumbled upon more 3D products for kids - is surprisingly -- the craft/Crayola aisle! I thought, really.. are you kidding me? They now sell 3D coloring books, 3D chalk and other 3D activity kits. My daughter likes to con me into buying Crayola sets sometimes when we are at Target or the grocery store. Since they generally are pretty inexpensive and are nice quiet activities that keep her busy - I'm usually happy to add another art set. I also think they make a pretty good patching activity! But now I'm frustrated... Just yesterday at Target my daughter saw a fairies kit and commented to me "it even has glasses". I took a look at it and saw it was a 3D kit and so I had to steer her to a different coloring book set. Whatever happened to just coloring books, paints, markers? When did art sets get so complicated?

Comment if your child with Amblyopia has ever tried any of these kits or 3D games/movies? I'd love to hear your experience positive or negative.


  1. Just yesterday my daughter failed the 3d test at the eye dr. She has verry little depth perception. She begged us to take her to see Toy Story in 3D because all of her friends were going. We did and she complained the whole time because it just didn't work for her. My mom bought her the chalk kit for some holiday and she never could quite get it.


  2. We haven't tried anything 3D yet. Just this week we had to change her glasses to bifocals and the doc said she should be able to appreciate some 3D but not all. Breaks my heart.