Saturday, April 10, 2010

3D Home Movie Experiment

The kids want to see the new movie "How to Train your Dragon" - of course in 3D. Since Belle really doesn't see 3D very well (if at all) I don't like to spend extra on it. We always do and then afterwards she doesn't even make it through the whole movie with the glasses on, or she doesn't seem to notice or react to the 3D effects.

So I thought I would conduct a little home movie experiment because I could.

The copy of the Coraline DVD I purchased on Black Friday (Walmart $3!) included a 3D copy with glasses. So... I dimmed the lights and passed out glasses and we watched. She made it less than 20 minutes into the film before asking if we could "switch to the one without the 3D".

Why? Because it was blurry and hurting my head. Oh, and the glasses were too big (hence the headband).

End result - 3D Fail.. but, we had fun trying!

PS. Coraline - a bit too scary for my daughter. Also, maybe not the best for kids with eye issues as it features a scary ghost mom that pulls out eyeballs and sews buttons in their place.. yes, really. Gotta 'love' Tim Burton. Creepy!

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