Monday, April 5, 2010

April Visit to the Eye Doctor

Maggie was extremely excited for her routine eye appointment today. Although her appointment was set for 3:30pm, she was ready to go at 9am. Most visits are fairly ordinary in what happens. Sometimes her prescription changes, and it is always a bonus if the doctor needs to write a new one that isn't as strong, but I wasn't feeling that for this visit for her. In the past few weeks, I noticed more crossing than usual, and here's why:

Last summer, Maggie upgraded her glasses, but by December, the dog chewed them up beyond her ability to wear. Fortunately she had a backup pair that would have to hold her over until she made this visit due to a constraint on my dollars (I was laid off in January). So, with her having to wear the backups, I feared that it wasn't helping her eyes much as I was almost certain the prescription wasn't current.

Her doctor visits typically are about 20 minutes, but this visit lasted over an hour! The doctor Maggie sees is highly sought after, and she only works one day a week as she nears retirement. The technician checked her eyes and is always impressed with Maggie's fluent knowledge of the alphabet and her phonics. This goes to prove that despite a little obstacle in her vision, amblyopia does not impair children's ability to absorb and learn.

Finally at the end of her visit, the doctor writes a new prescription, and as I thought it was stronger. Fortunately no repeat patching was ordered, but the stronger prescription will help with any crossing she has. Tomorrow we will pick out 2 new pairs of glasses, and I am considering getting her the lenses that change in the sunlight (name?).

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  1. Congrats on the great eye appointment, even if it did result in a higher prescription, but no patching is a good thing!

    The lenses that change shades in sunlight are called photochromic, the brand I'm most familiar with is Transitions.

  2. Hi Ann,
    We looked into the Transitions, and WOW they are not cheap! Even with her existing frames, I will have to forgo getting them for now.

  3. Did you look at ordering them online? I got a pair of glasses with the transition lenses online and it was a fraction of the price!!!