Saturday, April 10, 2010

Making her Amblyopia Sock Puppet

The other day, Belle and I were at the library - one of her favorite places to go. On the children's table they had a display poster advertising a sock puppet event. The event was Socky & Jamie but she immediately started talking about "her Amblyopia movie" aka The Eye Patch kids which was her only other interaction with Sock Puppets up til now. The Eye Patch kids movie was really instrumental for Belle in the beginning with getting her to wear her patch. Even my son, who has no need for an eye patch likes the movie. Both kids became very fascinated by the sock puppets and would use one of my trouser socks on their hands and play along with the puppets. So, since this free library event included making a sock puppet (it was BYOS - bring your own sock) I decided to sign up with her.

Meet Princess - Belle's sock puppet. She named her Princess, of course, out of The Eye Patch Kids and she was sure to put glasses on Princess. The cutest thing was there was another little girl she was sitting with and that little girl had to put glasses on her sock puppet just like Belle did.

Since then, we've watched The Eye Patch Kids DVD about 10,023 times with her very own Princess puppet.

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