Monday, April 26, 2010

Two new pairs of glasses for Maggie

Recently, Maggie had to upgrade her prescription. She received a pair that the insurance covered, but they do not pay for the lighter weight poly lenses. They are so heavy that I had to continuously tell her to push them up. Why don't insurance companies cover this lighter weight poly material?? The heavy thick glass lenses do no good if a child has to continuously push them up. These will be the "back up pair" for sure!
Today she received the pair we paid for out of pocket, and I LOVE them! She looks so much more grownup in this dark pink square oval shape!
This newer pair stay on her face much better too. She looks so much less of a toddler now without the MiraFlex frames she had for so long.
After doing a search, I couldn't find a decent place to donate old glasses. Any good suggestions?


  1. Those dark pink ones really are beautiful on her. I can't believe that insurance won't pay for poly lenses? I thought that poly was also supposed to be the safest for kids?

    What size are her old glasses? Seva Canada was looking for glasses for kids age 2 and younger for their Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology in eastern Africa.

    Ann Z

  2. She looks great!!!!! Several of the vision centers near me have bins where they collect glasses. Check the Lions Club and also

    Give the Gift of Sight

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