Monday, April 19, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Great picture? Right... Well, it's a halfway decent picture of my son in terms of 'school pictures'. But something's missing.

yeah.. you guessed it, right? What's missing is....

His glasses!

I feel like it doesn't even look like my son because he wears his glasses full time. I feel like I'm looking at a different kid.

My son is autistic, he didn't make the decision to take off his glasses for the picture for vanity reasons. Nor did the school photographer - who is instructed that they have to take the picture 'as is' - if your kid has messy hair, a misbuttoned shirt, or food on their face - they still take the picture.

I asked my son about this when I showed it to him. I asked him, where his glasses were. He told me that his teacher took them off! I'm just shaking my head here.. and miffed. We went through this with my daughter's pictures in the fall. Now, I can only imagine what will come back for hers next week!

The good news is that a friend of mine who is a photographer recently took a great picture of my son (and he is wearing his glasses) that I love.

I especially love this picture because of the straight on eye contact and his piercing blue eyes. My son has autism so those moments of good eye contact are few and far between. But when I look into those blue eyes.... pure love.

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  1. Oh my heavens, that IS a great picture of him! What a treasure!

  2. What a great picture of Alex! I would also be irritated if the teacher took off Maggie's glasses, some people don't realize that the glasses are a part of the personality being captured on film in my humble opinion.