Monday, May 3, 2010

Patching Works: Melody's Update

Thanks to Sadia for sharing her daughter's journey with us. Click here read more about Melody's Amblyopia Story.

The other day, my twin daughters' daycare teacher pulled out a photo album containing photos from their infant classroom. In one of them, then-7-month-old Melody was wearing an Ortopad patch.

One of the girls' three-year-old classmates asked about it. "Why is she wearing that?" My other daughter, Jessica, gave the most pertinent answer. "She's not a pirate."

I responded with a far less exciting answer. "Well, Melody used to have a problem with her eye called amblyopia. Her brain didn't pay attention to what one of her eyes was seeing, so we covered up the seeing eye so that her brain would remember to pay attention to both of them. That worked, and now she doesn't need a patch any more."

She doesn't need a patch any more. I wasn't certain that I'd ever hear myself saying those words.

We were lucky that Melody's amblyopia was caught as early as it was. We were lucky that patching resolved the issue in a few short months. In a way, we were even lucky that my husband and his sister had a sister of childhood eye problems and that the twins were premature, since that made me hyper-vigilant about eye concerns.

Both my daughters recently went into the ophthalmologist for a check-up. They came away with the same diagnosis: no problems. Their vision is normal for their age, both 20/25 in one eye and 20/30 in the other. My amblyopia baby now has the same vision as her non-amblyopia twin. We didn't even bother making an appointment. Since Jessica and Melody will soon be turning four, any future problems will be caught at school vision screenings.

We stopped patching over three years ago. All I can say is that patching works!

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