Friday, June 25, 2010

Friendship through Amblyopia

When I started the Amblyopia Kids site, one of the first parents whom I connected with was Maggie's mom. I was brand new to Amblyopia and she shared her daughter's story with me and was kind enough to write about it here on the website. To meet someone else, even if they lived on the opposite coast was so very reassuring to me. Hearing how Maggie had graduated from patching and her "journey" gave me so much hope. Even though Amblyopia is rather common, I didn't know anyone who had walked in my shoes with it and it made me feel about 500 times less alone to start to connect with other parents.

We found that our girls had a lot of similarities (in addition to looking quite a bit alike too!) and in sharing stories we'd always remark - how the 2 seemed like they'd get along quite well! Well, as it turned out.. They sure did! Maggie's family took some time out of their family vacation and we met up here at the very sunny hot Jersey shore. The kids went to the aquarium, the boardwalk, rode some rides, ate some lunch and topped the day off with a refreshing ice cream!

What a perfect day for these 2 beautiful and very special little girls, Belle & Maggie, who share a common bond - Amblyopia....But its not stoppin' these strong girls.. Nope, not one bit!!!

Thanks to Maggie's family - what a magical day it was.

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