Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Health Risks and Dangers of the 3D TV

Health Risks and Dangers of the 3D TV

3D movies are all the rage, but as many as 50% of viewers ages 18-40 may have some issues viewing 3D movies including headaches, nausea, dizziness, eyestrain or discomfort. Approximately 5 percent of the population cannot view movies in 3D at all due to a lack of stereoscopic vision most often related to Amblyopia (Lazy eye) and/or Strabismus. But now 3D movie viewing isn't just for the big screen, it has entered the home theatre market with the introduction of 3D home theatres from Samsung, Panasonic, and Sony (slated for summer 2010).

A starter setup for a Samsung 3D television, a 3D blu-ray player, and 3D kit (which includes 2 pair of specialized 3D glasses) is priced around $3000 and upwards (depending on the size of the TV). The glasses are unlike the red/blue glasses of the past and similar to the recyclable glasses used in the movie theatre - but made to work specifically with the 3D Television. Additional 3D polarized glasses are priced around $150 per pair. Viewers (equipped with these pricey battery powered 3D glasses) will be able to watch 2D programming in 3D on the new 3D HDTV but the 'best' 3D effects will result when watching a 3D blu-ray disc through a connected 3D blu-ray player. Not only is the setup costly, it is important to note the possible health dangers.

Could watching too much 3D TV be bad for your health?

Health Warnings & Dangers!

The system carries warnings that prolonged exposure/viewing (or wearing of the glasses) may lead to nausea, altered vision, lightheadedness & dizziness, fatigue, headaches, convulsions, cramps, disorientation. Any sign of these symptoms and you should immediately discontinue 3D viewing.

-Do not view 3D movies if you are pregnant
-Do not view 3D movies if you have a heart condition.
-Do not view 3D movies in you have a history of stroke (or family history).
-Do not view 3D movies if you have epilepsy or a seizure disorder. Note: There is a high frequency of seizures among the autistic population.
-Viewing 3D TV not recommended for children under age 6 years old as well as the elderly (from the warning label of the Samsung 3D TV).
-Do not view 3D movies under the influence of alcohol.
-Do not view 3D movies if you are sleep deprived.

Click here to read the Samsung 3D TV warning in full.

If you do decide to enjoy the 3D TV Home experience be sure to take frequent viewing breaks. 

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