Thursday, June 17, 2010

How far do you go to treat Amblyopia?

The most common treatments for Amblyopia include glasses, occlusion with patches or atropine drops, special contact lenses, and vision therapy.

But, if those weren't working would you SEW YOUR CHILD'S EYE SHUT?

I read on Dr. Maino's blog about the use of a silicon eyelid closure which is sutured into the eye in order to occlude the eye. Complications were present in half of the test cases but the study suggested this was a way to safely treat severe cases of amblyopia where occlusion by other methods had failed. Read more about it here

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. No way. Lot's of people have led great lives with only one eye and not having their eyelids sewn shut.

  2. Not for my kids, but to each their own. However, the 50% complication rate is far above my comfort zone for any medical procedure. (I'm sure life-threatening issues would make me take bigger risks, but amblyopia is not life-threatening!)