Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 month checkup

Maggie had her latest checkup today with her eye doctor, and I wasn't expecting anything good or bad with this visit. She received a new pair of glasses with updated frames that hold a slightly stronger prescription about 3 months ago. These are a step up from the Miraflex frames she had worn for a couple of years. I don't know about boys, but it seems for girls even at age 4 they are concerned with how their glasses make them look. With her pink frames, she is very proud to wear them and let everyone know how much she likes them.

As for the outcome of the visit, there wasn't any major progress or regress, but I suppose if the pediatric ophthalmologist tells you to bring your child back in six months rather than 3 months as she has for the past year, then that must be a good sign!


  1. Yay!!! Glad the appointment for Maggie went well. Holding steady!! I'd say that's pretty good news. The new glasses really make her look like such a big girl compared to the blue frames. Belle says HI MAGGIE!!!!!!!

  2. Do you mind sharing the brand and style of her current glasses? I'm about to get a new pair for my four-year-old guy and I like the look of those.

    I also wanted to share a fun site I found: I uploaded a picture of my son and overlaid various frame styles on the photo to see how they'd all look. I was able to narrow our options and determine that, for instance, a strong straight line across the top of his brows was not his cutest look. Most of all, though, it was a fun excuse to look at pics of my little man.

  3. Hi Belle!!

    Courtney, These are found on the site, and the model number is SFS16. Her particular color is dark cherry :)