Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Delighted by Despicable Me

If you've ever gone to the movies and been disappointed at the overwhelming stereotypical portrayal of kids who wear glasses, you are not alone.  After taking the kids to see Despicable Me, we all agreed that there were a whole lot of glasses in this kids flick. And, I'm not just referring to the moviegoers who were donning the RealD glasses.

Our  Despicable Me movie experience was a pretty exciting one.  First, we had a debate over the whole 3D issue again. My 9 year old son really wanted to go to see it in 3D.  However, we have skipped seeing the 3D versions of films lately because of his sister's vision issues and 3D frustrations. Still, we felt it wasn't totally fair to him to always be sacrificing for her. She agreed that she would try to see it in 3D. Ultimately, if she wore the 3D glasses over her regular glasses - the worst case scenario would be that the movie would just be in 2D for her. If she took them off, then it would be blurred - so she agreed to wear them.  We loaded up the kids and headed out to the theatre only to realize when we were almost all the way there that my daughter wasn't wearing her glasses!  She is always so good about putting them on right when she wakes up, that I had no idea she wasn't wearing them. Oops! So, we headed home to get her glasses and looked up movie times (thanks to the android app for movies right on my phone). We ended up picking a different theatre so we could catch the next showing.

Once we got to the theatre my daughter was excited to learn that they had kids 3D glasses so she didn't have to use one of her brother's eyeglass straps to hold the gigantic glasses on her tiny head.  Then, the previews began. Preview after preview for yet another kids 3D movie.  I get frustrated by this and so does she.   Then the movie started.  Within the first 5 minutes she remarked about some of the 3D effects.  Was my daughter seeing some 3D?  Yes! somehow, by some miracle she was. I don't know that she saw all of them, but on more than one occasion she commented about something coming into her head or reached out to grab and touch the image. This was cool to see, since previously she'd just sit there non-phased during 3D effects.

This made me love Despicable Me even more!

But wait.. more reason to love Despicable Me...

My daughter and I especially enjoyed the character, Margo, the oldest 'sister' in Despicable Me. She is a sweet little girl who happens to wear glasses. The character is voiced by Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly). I was happy to see that they've made a Margo plush toy. We'll be getting this one!  (Amazon: Despicable Me Deluxe 15 Inch Plush Figure Margo)

But, Margo isn't the only character in glasses - she may be the cutest though!

Meet Gru's mother who wears glasses ala something you'd see in the Princess Peepers book.

But the best glasses of all - the minions!  Hundreds of little yellow guys wearing glasses. Belle loved that some of them only had 1 eye. Of course, according to her - that means they automatically have amblyopia (like Mike from Monsters Inc).

Even the 'bad guy', Vector, who reminds me of Austin Powers - wears glasses!

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