Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Eye Patch Challenge

So, with the news that Belle has to patch 6-8 hours every day we are really on a mission.  I've been setting the timer on my cellphone to go off when Belle's patching is complete so she knows that she has to wear it til she hears the timer and stop asking me every 5 minutes if time is done yet.   It is getting easier with less "ugly moments".   She has made it so far every day for a minimum of 6 hours all but one day since the doctor gave us "the news".  But wow, at the end when time's up she is exhausted and her behavior leaves a lot to be desired. We are seeing a lot of clinginess, whining, meltdowns - moreso than you'd expect from a 5 year old but I know where its coming from and hopefully it will get better with time.

Since its summer and she is wearing her sunglasses a lot and changing in and out of her glasses. I've decided to give adhesive patching another try.  After talking to a lot of moms who had 'peekers' like me - adhesive style patches were suggested many many times.  The good news is it seems even in the past year there have been great strides made in the adhesive patches. So, I ordered some new patches from Ortopad (they have a whole new line of sensitive skin/latex free ones!) as well as some from Fresnel Prism to give them another shot.  I also corresponded by email and phone with the owner of Krafty Eye Patches and got one of their fun kits which has gotten Belle excited about decorating her eye patches and making them pretty.  We also got some Eye-Doodle Eye Patch Stickers that stick right onto patches and are stickers with really bright artwork on them made just the right shape for patches. All of these things do have Belle a lot more excited to pick a patch and keep it on every day.  I have to say, I expected her to give me a lot more complaints about using the adhesives but she has been pretty darn good about it.   

How YOU can help!

The hardest part for Belle lately has been dealing with the comments from strangers as well as friends who are not used to seeing her with a patch.  In order to break the ice with a few of her friends I had her pass out a blank eye patch to them and ask them if they could decorate it for her.  This reminded me of The Eye Patch project that one of our readers did with their child that was similar to a round robin or coupon swap.  How it works is you send out/give out patches to people to decorate for your child to wear.  Belle really liked this idea so we are going to do it.   I'll be sending out the blank patches with a SASE for you to send back to me, if you would like to decorate a patch for Belle - please let me know in the comments or by emailing me at amblyopiakids at gmail dot com 

Do not post your address into the comments - please send it to me in email.  Thanks!


  1. MaryTara, would you be interested in promoting your eye patch decorating project on other blogs? I'd be happy to make a button for you that links back to this post. Let me know if you're interested (and if not in a button, whether I can post something about your efforts for Bella on my blog). I can be reached at double the fun blog at g mail dot com.

  2. We just started patching my son today. He used the nexcare patch given from his doc. I want to get some fun ones, but his skin is VERY sensitive. The nexcare patch almost tore his skin after only 2hours of wear. Any suggestions?