Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Review: Fancy Nancy and the Spectacular Spectacles

My daughter absolutely loves Fancy Nancy. They are kindred spirits of sorts.  Fancy Nancy is an over-the-top girly girl, and you could absolutely say the same about my daughter. I was thrilled when I saw that Fancy Nancy now has a book out on the topic of getting glasses - of course I bought it for her. This is a big find for parents of little girls with glasses and Fancy Nancy fans alike.   Absolutely a must have for your library of books dealing with kids in glasses.

The storyline revolves around Fancy Nancy's friend Bree who is having a hard time seeing and she gets glasses.  Unlike so many of the kids books that deal with the topic of getting glasses, there is no hardship about not wanting to wear them, breaking them, or the likes of it.  Instead, Bree loves her glasses and delights in just how fabulous they are. She loves to wear them, stores them in a glitzy case and wipes them clean with a silk cloth.  Our heroine, Fancy Nancy, gets a bit jealous about Bree's "spectacular spectacles" (those are 'big fancy words' for pretty eyeglasses).  Nancy wishes that she has glasses like her friend Bree but in the end she makes some spectacular specs of her own by decorating a pair of broken sunglasses.   True to Fancy Nancy, the illustrations are very busy with lots to explore and tons of imagination. My daughter loves that Nancy's  eyeglasses have wings on them like a bird!   My only complaint with this book is that though it is rated as a beginner reader level 1 - it has a lot of big words in it (because that is how Fancy Nancy operates). So, truly beginning readers will likely require more assistance with this particular I Can Read book than others in the series.

Fancy Nancy: Spectacular Spectacles is a paperback 'I Can Read' beginner level 1 book and is priced at just $3.99 

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  1. Oh, we just love love LOVE Fancy Nancy at our house (although we've only patched, and never needed glasses).