Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to school shopping trends - glasses are "in"

So, the other day I took my kids over to Target to buy some birthday party gifts. And, being as Target is 'that store' that you can't get out of without spending 4 times what you intended to go in for.. I, of course, found some other cool stuff for the kids.  My daughter got a T-shirt for $5 that had a girl surrounded by flowers and she is wearing glasses (pic below). She also got a T-shirt with a rabbit wearing really big glasses - they had puppies too (that were wearing sunglasses though). I couldn't find a picture of  that one to share here, I'll have to post one of her wearing it - its adorable.  My son picked a T-shirt (green of course, his favorite color) that had a skull wearing 3D glasses.  On a more disturbing note I did find a T-shirt with a baby chick on it wearing glasses that said "nerdy chicks rule" and another shirt that said Proud 2B Nerdy.  Thankfully both of these were not girly or cutesy enough for my daughter so she didn't even consider them. I would have definitely not allowed it!

Over in the school supply section they had a ton of Paul Frank items  (the ones with the monkey) that also featured glasses.  My son picked a folder (because it was green) that had the monkey inside of  an oversized glasses frame and it says, "I don't see so good. Where are my glasses?". Inside it has pictures of the monkey wearing different frames (including 3D glasses the red/blue kind). 

What trendy items featuring glasses have you found?

Girls' Cherokee® Fresh White Short-Sleeve Graphic Tee XSGirls' Blue Short-Sleeve Glitter Graphic Tee LBoys' Mossimo Supply Co. Mint Short-Sleeve Graphic Tee Shirt SGirls' Paul Frank® for Target® Pink Short-Sleeve Julius Tee M


  1. Fun post!

    I'm in love with this tee from Threadless (,). I have an adult size one, but it comes in kid's sizes, too.

    This one from JCrew was linked from the little four eyes fb group -

    I also love the animal alphabet with glasses series here

  2. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing. My kids are always looking for cool and fun glasses themed clothing.

    I think it's true that glasses are "in." My kids have never been teased about them, it's more likely that their friends ask to get glasses, too.