Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dr. Susan Barry - Special FREE Webinar on Advice to Parents 8/26

Special Announcement: COVD is hosting a LIVE webinar interview with Dr. Sue Barry 


Dr. Sue Barry is also known as "Stereo Sue", the author of Fixing My Gaze: A Scientist's Journey Into Seeing in Three Dimensions 

School Crossings:
...A Neurobiologist's View of How Our System Fails Children With Vision Problems

Hear Dr. Susan Barry answer questions about difficult school experiences that resulted from her vision problems; how, for example, she was mislabeled as a low aptitude student and assigned to a special problems class, and what her mother did to help her child succeed. And more..... including what you can do to help your child succeed!

Please join us! Share this news with your patients, colleagues, referral sources, etc. Put the press release on your website, share the info on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Most importantly - do it NOW! There is limited seating and once it's full, the meeting will be closed.

TO REGISTER FOR THE MEETING: Go to, fill in the meeting ID number 547-423-251 and your email address, click on "CONTINUE," then fill out the brief form that comes up next and at the bottom of that screen be sure to click on "REGISTER."
If you have ANY difficulty registering or any problems during the webinar, contact TECH support for at 800-263-6317.

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