Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eye-Doodle eye patch stickers - Wearable Art for eye patches

Belle's been wearing primarily adhesive patches since her last visit to the doctor when they gave us the bad news that her vision had regressed.  With summer and her doing a lot of things where she isn't always wearing her glasses, the adhesives are working out pretty well for her.  But, she hates the way the adhesive patches look which is why we've been doing anything and everything we can to make the patches "pretty" and fun.  

When I heard about Eye Doodle patch stickers, I thought these looked right up Belle's alley.  These are patch shaped stickers with cool art on them that are made to go right onto your eye patch. They work best on adhesive patches but I guess there's no reason you couldn't put it onto an over/under the glasses cloth patch or pirate-style patch (though the shape might be a bit different).  Eye Doodles were designed by a parent, Annie Agars, artist and parent of Julia who was born with a cataract and patches daily.  The pictures are bright, colorful, vibrant, and "cool". They encourage people to look with good eye contact which in turn helps the wearer establish good eye contact of their own.

Eye Doodle stickers are disposable and made for daily wear. A sheet of 8 stickers is priced at $3.75 with deals on the Eye Doodle website like buy 4 sheets get a sheet free and buy 8 sheets - get 2 sheets free.   They come in Left eye or Right eye designs and in a variety of themes like ocean, garden, holiday, creatures etc. There is a huge selection including some that may be more "boyish" and some that are more girly - though most could be worn by either a boy or a girl and none are babyish!  Belle picked out the sheets In the GardenWhat Little Girls are Made of, and Hearts & Stars. When she is wearing them a lot of people make comments about how cool her patch looks.  I like that they don't look 'babyish' and another friend told me that she thought they looked almost Ed Hardy-esque or tattoo-inspired, I guess I can sorta see that.  Belle likes the colorful drawings, especially the bird patches from the "In The Garden" sticker sheet. I asked her what she liked best about them and she told me "I like birds". Ok, that's the 5 year old for ya!  I say, if they help a child become more patching compliant they are a keeper!

Belle wears  Eye Doodle (over Krafty EyePatch) & playing computer games

For more info: http://eye-doodle.com/

Disclaimer: Thanks to Eye Doodle & Annie Agars for allowing Belle and I the opportunity to try out your eye patch stickers and share our experience here at Amblyopia Kids

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