Thursday, August 26, 2010

Krafty Eye Patch Coupon Code & Back to School Patching Tip

Krafty Eye Patches is having a "Back to School" Sale. 

Back to School Labor Day Sale
15% off all merchandise Today-Sept 7th
Coupon Code      Holiday15

If your child patches at school.  Deluxe kits are great to take to school.
Have classmates make patches for your child. Thank them for helping make your childs eye Strong.

Have the kids names written on the back of the patch they made for your child.  Everyday your child gets to wear a friends patch to school.  The kids love this and will be asking your child everyday to wear their patch next.

This will really help your child with wearing a patch to school.
No more teasing.  This will make them a star!!

If you haven't tried Krafty Eye Patches - check out our review of these fun and non-toxic patches "craft kits".


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  2. I am bummed. I just ordered from them two days ago! At least my daughter is excited to get her patches in the mail, and that is all that matters.