Friday, August 20, 2010

New glasses for Big Brother

It was a week of eye appointments all around.  It began with taking my my daughter to the eye doctor where we learned that her eyes stayed the same they weren't getting better - but they weren't getting worse either. It ended with taking my son to his eye doctor, who specializes in children with special needs - where we learned his eyes also stayed the same.  It is funny how the same results for 2 different kids, 2 different vision situations completely - and one I was disappointed with - the other I was elated. 

I honestly felt that my son needed new glasses not just because his were "trashed" but I have noticed him squinting a bit.  He doesn't have Amblyopia - he is myopic and has astigmatism.  He is also autistic and he is incredibly rough on his glasses.  He breaks and loses more glasses than I can count and relies heavily on the use of an eyeglass retainer. I feel as if we live at the optical shop and have to get his glasses adjusted constantly. Eventually this past year I gave up and just had him wear his glasses retainer very tight - otherwise the glasses were so stretched out they wouldn't stay on his face. They also were pretty banged and scratched up. Screws had been replaced multiple times. I need to take a picture of them and add it to this post...

Turns out Alex's eyes only changed ever so slightly and he could still pass the test 20/20 with his old glasses on.  But, because they were in such bad shape we got a new script and went and got new glasses.   I found that it was hard to find glasses that fit him well.  He is too big for kids glasses but adult frames are too small.  The selection of "teen/junior" frames isn't as good.

We ended up with a pair of X-Games flexon frames in the "Ripped" style. Alex picked an attractive brown titanium frame.   He's lookin' good and I'm hopeful that these will hold up a bit better than his previous ones.  One can hope, right?

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