Monday, August 16, 2010

Patching Progress.. or lack thereof

So, after learning that Belle needed to patch again more intensively - she really wasn't a happy camper.  But, despite it all she has been trooper about it and has been wearing adhesive patches daily for 6-8 hours for the past month. She's only missed the 6 hour mark one time, which I'd say is pretty darn good considering we have had a completely crazy summer.  Today we went back to the eye doctor for a 1 month recheck to see if the patching was making a difference. 

Belle struggled again with the chart and kept saying C for S and getting a couple of other letters wrong. They switched to pictures and she proceeded to see things like "surfboards"  and "skateboards" --- items that are not on the eyechart.  For those familiar - you know it has a hand, a horse, a cake, a telephone, and a bird.  We just smiled and didn't make like she was getting things wrong because she gets very discouraged easily. 

Ultimately the results were not the best. But, they weren't the worst either.  She made no progress in a month - things stayed the same. So, they didn't regress either, as they did previously. 

The doctor says more patching. He wasn't real surprised that we didn't see a lot of results in just a month, but last year when she started patching we saw results right from the get-go. So, this was a disappointment to both Belle and I - to say the least.  We continue patching and we go back in early October (6 weeks). 

We hope and pray for progress.

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  1. did the doctor offer any suggestions as to why there was no progress despite the amount of patching?