Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ortopad & Ortopad Elite Eye Patch Review

Since we have been giving adhesive patches another try, I thought I would share our experience with the Ortopad patches. In the past, we've experienced a lot of problems with adhesive patches largely from sensitivity issues as well as performance. Some of the brands actually pulled my daughters top layer of skin off and caused severe irritation. Other adhesives didn't stick at all and came loose too easily from sweat and/or tears. When we first tried Ortopad we did have problems with them staying on my daughter's face. Because they peeled off easily or came loose from sweat and tears, we were going through more than one of them in a patching session which wasn't acceptable to me.

However, over the past year or so the Ortopad patches appear to have undergone some changes in the product and added to their line of eye patches. At the urging of several Amblyopia Kids facebook fans, I tried Ortopad again. I especially liked that all of the patches are hypoallergenic, use a latex free adhesive, and come individually sealed.

The regular Ortopad patches come in patterns (boys, girls, and gender neutral "fun packs) as well as white or beige. These patches are great for kids to decorate or if you want something discrete and not real attention-grabbing. Over the summer I sent out patches for friends to decorate (pictures coming soon) and it was the white Ortopads that we used.

They also have a new patch called Ortopad Elite, which has "slits" near the nose part of the patch allowing it to fit well under glasses and making it more breathable. Both their regular patches and the Elite patches come in "girls" or "boys" patterns but the girls elite pack designs have glitter in them. The patches come in 3 sizes - junior, medium, and regular - the regular are for ages 4 and up so that is the size that we use. They are sold in packs of 50 at with the regular patches at $17 a box and elite at $18 a box. The elite are worth the extra $1!
My daughter likes some of the patterns and colors in the regular line "girl" box better but I have definitely found that the elite to be preferable in terms of performance (especially over the hot summer). The nose slits allow her glasses to sit where they need to sit and not slide down, they are breathable, and the larger coverage is a plus! So, I was thinking... if only they would just offer the colors from the "regular" patches in the "elite" shape, we'd be really happy!
Well - sure enough...When I went onto Ortopad's site after receiving a coupon code I found this exciting announcement:
COMING SOON! Due to an overwhelming response to the new shape on our Ortopad® Elite patches, all Ortopad® patches will have a new shape, featuring the slits in the nose area to allow for a better fit! Stay tuned...the website will be updated as the new shape is available.


  1. I am patching my son and he also has very sensitive skin. Which patch do you think walks the fine line between sticky enough but not irritating, the Krafy Patch you reviewed or the Ortopad. I have tried the Krafty patch, and like it, but my son liked the patterns on the Ortopad better and we have had to use 2 Krafty patches within a 2 hour period more than once because he cried and then the Krafty patch fell off. I'd rather replace the patch when needed and avoid daily irritation from too sticky, but even better would be gentle and stay on. Thanks.

  2. Try the Ortopad or Ortopad elite - they are a bit more sticky than Krafty. My daughter likes the patterns on Ortopad but prefers to make her own using Krafty :) Both are very gentle though! Avoid the MYI/Fresnel prism patches because those are VERY sticky!

  3. I am curiose about the glitter on the Ortopads - does it rub off? I am afraid of it getting into the eyes. We have been using the MYI patches for 3 years now and yes they are very sticky but that is why we use them. We did find some hints on their web site in FAQ that helped to make them a bit more gentle to Mandy's skin also we always use Aquapor after we remove any patch and that helps 100%. Also since we get to pick the designs she wants we quite wasting patches and money with patches that sit in the drawer.

  4. We have used the Ortopad Elite with my 4 yr old for about 6 months now. We have the set that includes the glitter. I have not noticed the glitter coming off at all and it has never gotten on her face, hands, or in her eye.

  5. The Glitter is not like on a Christmas card. It is actually glittery ink. It cannot come off!

  6. how can i order ortopad patches if i am in canada because i checked with amazon for some reasons they do not ship these patches to canada .