Saturday, September 4, 2010

Special Back to School Coupon Code for Ortopad Patches

I received this in my inbox tonight and it is too good of a deal not to share with Amblyopia Kids readers & fans!

When you buy a box of the new Ortopad Elite patches, you can get 10% off of a box of plain white or beige "regular" Ortopad patches.

Visit us at to place your order today!

Offer expires 09/30/10.

Use Promotion Code RE0810 when placing your order

My guess is that they are clearing out stock of the old style patches in order to make room for the newly re-designed patches with the nose slits like the Elites have. If you've not yet tried the elite style patch -you definitely need to check them out!

Also found this great sale "while supplies last" on Ortopad's website. Good if you have a child under age 4 since it is only for the smaller size patches.

So we're saying "goodbye" to our Fun Pack 1, which means a GOOD BUY for you!

Ortopad Fun Pack 1 is being discontinued and will be permanently replaced with Ortopad Fun Pack 2. This special offer is only while supplies last. Available sizes are Junior and Medium Size only; Regular size is sold out.

Mention Promo Code FUNPACK1 when placing your order, and get each box of Fun Pack 1 for only $14.95.

Haven't tried Ortopad or Ortopad Elite eye patches? Read the review here at


  1. I used the Back to School code tonight and it gave me $10 off my order instead of 10 percent off. I am not sure if this is an error, but if it is not this is a huge deal. RUN and get your Ortopads!

  2. How great! Ortopad was the only brand that worked for us when Melly was patching!