Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summary of Amblyopia Treatments & Study Findings

Dr. Nate of Bright Eyes Family Vision Care recently published a summary of findings on different treatments for amblyopia on his blog. The article summarizes findings from various studies with reference links.

This is a Must Read article that addresses topics such as:

  • Which is "better" or more effective - atropine vs patching?
  • patching frequency/duration - full time, part time - does it matter?
  • Age - is there a magic age that Amblyopia must be corrected by?

The Science Behind Amblyopia Treatment


  1. Glad you found it useful. Of course, there is much more research than this and maybe I'll do a follow up, but this seemed enough for one post.


    -Dr. Nate

  2. Thank you for passing along this info!

  3. I consulted a few optometrists in Indianapolis, and I'm still trying to decide what treatment should I undergo. One optometrist suggested this eye patch for initial treatment, but I'm not quite sure if it will actually cure my lazy eye. My right is the one with blurred vision. I have been very conscious about this eye disorder since my teenage years. So, do you think I should give the eye patch treatment a try?

  4. There should be more articles like this one on the web. Very well written, lots of useful information. Greetings and thanks for sharing.