Monday, October 11, 2010

Transitions lenses - love them!

So off we went on vacation but before we went I made the decision that it was time for transition lenses.  Prior to this my daughter has used prescription sunglasses (that we saved $$ with by ordering through Zenni Optical). Well, last year on vacation it became tiresome making multiple changes throughout the day between her sunglasses and her regular glasses. Also, if she was patching - the cloth patches she used didn't work with her sunglasses that didn't have a nosepiece.  So, before we went through that all over again I ordered her some transition lenses that would change automatically between clear and tinted.   She used adhesives the whole vacation anways, but if she wanted the cloth patches would have worked well too.

Belle loves her new Transitions glasses and they made it so she just wore one pair throughout the day and it was all good.  No swapping between frames everytime we went indoors and then out again into the bright sun.  The photochromic lenses are so worth it - and you can still order them online through places like Zenni Optical and save on the cost if you have your prescription and know your eyeglass sizing well. I did! While I was at it I also ordered my son a pair and got a pair for myself - my only complaint is that they aren't good for driving because they don't change in the car. 

With regard to patching on vacation, well - we did it.  Every day.  No exceptions.  We put it on and kept it on. If we were swimming, we'd take it off her and then afterwards just put it back on.  Surprisingly she got very few inappropriate comments from strangers (usually having to do with pirates) - but they did exist.  The hardest part for me was seeing other kids staring at her. My daughter must be so used to this that she totally ignores and doesn't even react to it anymore. There was only one time when she was being a bit shy and her hat brim was low and covering her face and a photographer tried to get her to lift it and she wasn't compliant, we just told them to take the picture as is - it wasn't worth the upset.  So most of our vacation pictures my daughter is patching in them, and thats OK. We'll look back someday and remember the time she wore an eyepatch to make her eye stronger. It is what it is.

For vacation, she also agreed that she would use an eyeglass retainer which most of the time was hidden under her hair. I got a pink one and also a purple daisy print - they are the Croakies brand in "kids" size. Which actually were just a tad bit too big did the job of keeping her glasses on her head (even on rides).  


  1. Thanks for sharing and bringing attention to the importance of Transitions for kids. Although I feel they are no substitute for polarized sunglasses in adults, I feel every one should have them in their day-to-day specs.

    Best of luck

  2. Payton has the transition glasses and they are great. She loves them. They were worth the money because all summer she was telling me she couldn't open her eyes because the sun was too bright. And we have gone to Sesame Place and Great Adventure with them and they are great. I wouldn't want her to have a pair of sunglasses and then her regular glasses and have to switch back and forth all day. The transition glassses are fantastic.
    Now Chase wants the transition lenses, so I'm sure at his next eye doctor appointment, I will order him a pair as well.
    Both of my kids have blue eyes too which I have been told are more sensitive to light as it is.
    Payton wears the band on the back of her glasses which she kind of has to with her MiraFlex glasses to keep them on and in place. But she is so used to the strap, she doesnt' notice it.
    I asked Chase if he wanted a strap for his and he told me know. But again he has gone on rides with his glasses, so I guess it is ok.
    So happy that Belle liked her new glasses and that she got her patching hours in. And sometimes the "comments" are hard to listen to. But I don't think Payton understands it too much. She usually tells people she has a lazy eye and thst the patch fixes it. I guess when a 3 year old tells you that, you can't say too much afterwards. :)