Thursday, November 11, 2010

EyeMario Video Game being adapted to treat Amblyopia (lazy eye)

Recently we read about a boy who played Mario Kart and reversed his Amblyopia. And now, we have EyeMario.

On Wednedsay, November 3rd, 2010:

PORTLAND, Ore. —Waterloo Labs, a team of engineers inside National Instruments Corp. (NI), Wednesday (Nov. 3) unveiled the LabView source code to "EyeMario," which demonstrates how video gamers can use their eyes to control Nintendo gaming consoles.

Marrying NI software with electrically isolated data converters from Analog Devices Inc. (ADI), enabled the EyeMario reference design, which NI is making available as a free download. Besides gaming, EyeMario will also being adapted to use in the treatment for amblyopia (lazy eye) as well as to empower people who have lost the use of their hands.

See it in Action on YouTube
From: WaterlooLabs

In this episode we show off our Eye Mario system that allows you to play any NES video game just using your eye movements. In this video we give you a basic overview of how this system works.

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